The Reasons of Use KR 24 Roof Panel Machine

Some people may ask why use K Span Forming Machine. Roll form machine is widely used in industries and other field.

Why use roof panel roll forming machine?

On the parallel figure draw bridge routing, to indicate the bridge starting point and end point, the turning point, or positioning of the coordinates of the branch points and lifting point size, elevation, such as can draw bridge laying shaft side figure, then the material statistics will be more accurate.

Straight segment: indicate the length and bridge layer, elevation, model and specifications.

Turning point and the branch point: clarify the turning plate type and specification.

Lifting: indicate the elevation changes, also can use local details or profile.

The bridge, such as pillar, bracket, or non-standard, spacing of the architecture, glazed tile roll forming machine installation method, model specifications, elevation, can agree to list on the plane, can also be segmented marked with different section, single line diagram or details.

Under the cable outlet point position and lead the way, in general, a large number of available vertical bending of the cable outlet under plate and the vertical guide, a small amount of available under the cable outlet guide or lead tube indicate the way.

Cable tray should be 2.2 meters above the ground, top of the bridge from the ceiling or other obstacles should not be less than 0.3 meters, the width of the bridge should not be less than 0.1 meters, within the bridge cross sectional fill rates should not exceed 50%.

Cable tray cable inside the vertical run, in the top of the purlin roll forming machine and 1.5 meters of each interval should be fixed on the bridge of the stent, run level, in the first turn, tail, and cable fixed intervals of 3 ~ 5 meters.

They are installed in condole top slot cover open side should keep 80 – mm vertical clearance, utilization rate of slot section should not be more than 50%.

Cloth online trough cable can not tie, cable should be straight groove, groove cables should be straight, try not to cross, cable should be not overflow outlet groove, the outlet and inlet line of cable trough, corner should be bound and fixed. Vertical line slot cloth cable should be fixed on the cable bracket intervals of 1.5 meters.

In the horizontal, vertical, bridge and vertical line slot line laying for cable tie.Cable to the line 4 to 24 root for beam, 25 or above main cable, fiber optic cable and other signal cable should be according to the type of cable, cable diameter, cable tie beam some points. Tie spacing should not be more than 1.5 meters; buckle spacing should be uniform, elastic moderate.

It is not difficult to know why people use metal KR 24 Roof Panel Machine – . As long as you work hard on it, it is easy to understand it. Then the reason of why use roof panel roll forming machine is not a trouble anymore.

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